Today’s Food for Thought

getting older

I find I do not have time much anymore for people whose first question online is “what do you look like.”  I already know it is not going to work because it is probably the last question I will ask.  In fact, I don’t care if I ever know.

Neither do I care what age someone is or what their religious affiliations are, their ethnicity, or their sexual proclivities.  I don’t care how much money they make or where they live.  I don’t care what awards they have won or how famous they or others may think they are.

I want the story.  I want to understand who people are right there, when I meet them.  How did they get there?  What was their journey?  What have they learned?  What do they love?  I may only have a moment, THAT moment, that we sit down together, why I would waste it with such unimportant things?

My own story is not the detailed horrors or what I have been through, it is a magnificent story of survival and triumph.  I am a living witness that you never give up because it is all worth it.  My life should stand as a witness to my friends and family that life is worth living.  It should speak of gratitude and happiness and most of all  . . . of love.

I have never lied awake all night worrying that the dress I wore to a party was not as pretty as someone else’s.  I have, however, tossed and turned over things I said or didn’t say that hurt others.  As the years pass and perspective is gained, it just becomes so clear.  I don’t need a near death experience to teach me what life is really about.  I live and breathe that understanding.

This is not a performance, it is not a popularity contest.  People are not their to worship us, to be used for our own need to climb to the “top.”  We simply live.  We experience our life and we choose to either connect with people or to miss the opportunities afforded to us.  And as we connect, we find our own hearts, our own souls, our own purpose.  We begin to see and understand.  In the end we walk alone off into the darkness, unattended by a single person, unattended by any applause from anyone .. we are alone with ourselves … and the truth.  There is no escaping that moment when your life is what it was, no more chances, over, done.

I hope I smile.

I hope I shed a tear of happiness and love for all of those who made it so worthwhile and who blessed my life.

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