An Arrogant Solution to What??


I find this position to be so arrogant and reprehensible on so many levels.


Because it always seems to come from a privileged wealthy white person who lives in a developed and politically powerful country.

And it is not like our choices, or our way of life are without its own poverty and problems.  We cannot take care of our own people so who are we to suggest that another country get rid of people as a solution to lack of food and development?  If we are going to offer our “advice” concerning the irrelevant nature of people, then shouldn’t we be offering better help than what we are providing?

I believe there is lack and suffering because we do not work together to more equally distribute food and supplies and wealth.  I believe there is suffering because we are not willing to empower people to be able to take care of themselves, to invest in their future.  We hand out fishes instead of teaching people how to fish.  We contribute to impoverishing countries with how we use their labour, their resources, and involve them in conflicts.

Think how ridiculous is sounds and how outraged we would be if our governments answered our cries to take care of the homeless and the needy in our own countries with “that is not our priority right now.  It is more important that we focus on depopulation.”

“Give me your tired, your poor.  Your huddled masses … we will get rid of them for you.”


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