Today’s Food For Thought

blessed are they

We live our lives as we choose, in unhappiness or joy.  We interpret the world as we choose, in unhappiness or joy.

Take the time to look around you, paint your world with love and joy and you will see that it is filled with hope and peace, even in the midst of chaos and tragedy.  There are things that money and power cannot buy, or change, or touch.  The spirit that is life, that unites all of us, shines everywhere.  It continues.  It overcomes and it rises out of the ashes even when it appears all hope is lost.

Christmas is a time where we make a point of focusing on love.  We turn our hearts to our religious roots, we look to the children to interpret the day and we celebrate our connections with one another, with family, as a country.  It is a time to remind ourselves that the human spirit is beautiful and that we are part of something far greater than any devious plan or gigantic bomb.  Spirit cannot be destroyed and spirit is independent of our physical human constraints.

This world is not all there is.

The beauty of this physical world with all its limitations is so minute compared to the beauty within each of us.  Real beauty touches and communicates with us in eternal ways.  It is behind the eyes of every human being that you meet, regardless of how they look, where they live, what they do and how much money they have.  If you fail to see that you will miss the best part of life.

May your Christmas season be filled with love and joy and beauty.

May you know that you are loved and understand that love is greater than all the hate and anger this world can muster.

See beauty.

Insist on it.

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