Today’s Food For Thought

those who follow their heart

Spent some time reading and rereading this one.  There are so many people waking up to who they are and what this world is.  I have such strong hopes that we will be gentle with one another at this time . . . that we will be patient and loving and helpful because this is such an individual process and there is no road map of us so we have to allow others to figure themselves out.

I have been working with my grand daughter and teaching her to see things differently.  We see people who seem to be asleep to us, who do not understand or see what we do.  The lesson is not about the other people.  It is about ourselves.  Just as we can see those people, there are people who see us because the lesson is that we never know it all BUT if we are always open and searching we will see and recognize the truth as it comes to us.

We marry intellect and intuition so they can work together to benefit us and others.  Intellect processes what our intuition brings to us.  Intuition, developed, seeks out truth and information and delivers them to our minds.  The source is from within us.  It is the purest connection to the power/energy/God that exists.  It totally knows and understand who we are and what we need and it filters the garbage, the unimportant, unnecessary . . .  and delivers to us what we need at that moment.  We use our intellect to process the information, to sort it into appropriate piles and to apply it to our lives.

Where man has failed is that education teaches/demands that we shut down intuition and our personal safeguard/filter and allow someone else to deliver us the information they want us to learn.  The fact that we are capable of learning these things, or memorizing them, never suggested this was the best way for us to prepare human beings for their lives.

Yes, we evolve and we open up and the best we can do for one another is to prepare the environment so it is conducive to others opening.  We have to look at others like chicks in eggs.  It may seem almost too much to bear watching a chick fight its way out.

We are so tempted to break the egg apart and set him free.

But if we do … we may cause the chicks death because in order to be strong enough to survive, it has to work at its entry into life.

People have to figure out their own journey to understanding.  That means there are going to be several billion different ways to get there.


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