“I have no regrets.  My past does not own me but I honour its lessons.  Some people believe you should leave the past behind, as if it never existed, as if it were a dirty secret we should do our best to hide … But I believe the real power comes in our willingness to accept that we lived there, we did that, we were once that person.  I cannot leave any part of me behind in the journey of my life because all those imperfect parts of me have carried me on my journey.”  Aria E. Appleford

2 thoughts on “QUOTE

  1. It was not easy to get to that place where I do that but it was much easier after I did. All trials carry a lesson. If we look for that lesson (and sometimes it takes time and distance from the event to find it) we can see that the things that happened had a purpose. I accept that I am imperfect. I accept that I have faults as well as strengths. I am not condoning those faults, but I am accepting they exist and that I am capable, given the right circumstances, of even worse things. Therefore I can face myself and my failings. I am not afraid. I am not trying to convince myself I am perfect. I accept full responsibility for me. So that means that everything that happens can be a tool for my growth and understanding. It means that I reject the idea that problems are evidence of weakness, or of my having failed. Everything in life is an invitation to grow and learn. Therefore, it is all good. That doesn’t mean sometimes it is hard or that I walk around in a cloud of bliss all the time. This is what I work at. This is what life has taught me and it taught me that because of the tragedies of my life. I am a survivor and I learned how powerful I am … the power lies in the perspective I choose to take regarding life.


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