TFFT: The Importance of Knowing Yourself


Meditation is something that I have incorporated into my life in such a way that it is as natural to me as breathing.  I do it constantly.  Sometimes it is a big production as in a date with myself and sometimes it is a quick breath I snatch in the middle of a hectic schedule.  Sometimes it is first aid but it has become a constant in my life.  I teach classes to empower people to be able to meditate in their daily lives because I believe that meditation is not just something we do in a perfectly prepared quiet place.  It is survival.  And it has to be adaptable to each of our situations so that it becomes a viable tool that we use.

We have to spend time alone with ourselves to find out who we are.


And this is why I push so hard for people to make that time to get to know who they are.  Embracing ourselves with an honesty that accepts our shortcomings and celebrates our  abilities is crucial.  If we can love ourselves from a place of honesty we can love others.   We can have the relationships in our lives that will feed and sustain us.  If we can support ourselves, we can support others and together with others, we can heal the world.

One of the things that has always struck me about all the teachings and writings of the great books is the layers within the stories.  There are so many messages and guide posts along the way that have value for us, even if we are not going to become a disciple to a particular way of life.  In the Bible there is a story where Moses had taken all the Israelites into the wilderness and they were sick and he sought answers from God and came back to the people and said to them that if they would simply look upon the serpent he was holding up on the stick, they would be healed.  People thought it was too easy and a ridiculous thing to claim and so they would not look and they were not healed.

We have answers in front of us.  They do not require a PhD to understand them.  Everyone can do them.  They are simple.  Use them.

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