The Gift of Giving.

you give

People give in many ways.

It is easy to recognize when someone spends a lot of money on us. We often mistake that as evidence of how loved we are or how special. We use those kinds of gift to suggest the quality of the giver that loves us or of ourselves as in “I deserve this.” We like this because it is tangible and easy to hold up against what others are given and tells us where we stand … As in “better than” or “not as good as.” “What did your boyfriend give you for Christmas? Mine gave me ….” We can be furious when someone spends a small amount of money comparative to what we spent as if the amount we spend signifies the level two people must operate on.

Many people only recognize these tangible gifts as giving.

Less recognizable is the unseen money that is spent on us. Ever hear a young adult complain about the fact his parents no longer buy presents for them? They don’t consider how much it costs the parents to have the big family dinners every year or the phone bills for all the long distance calls. They don’t realize every time they transfer money or mail them their special cereal they love that those things cost money. They don’t consider the thousands of dollars it takes to fly to see them. Kids often never consider the cost of gas, the insurance, the utilities, the price of food etc that are incurred when parents take them out on a special day. They might say “what is the big deal, it was only $30 to get in to see the fireworks display. Do girlfriends consider those costs for the young man who comes and picks them up and drives them out on the date? Do we consider the friend who always calls us, or drives when we go to golf? Those are also gifts exchanged.

The talents of others are often gifted to us. We benefit because someone took the time to bake us something and dropped it by. It might be their wisdom, their computer skills, their mechanical expertise. Often we have friends and family who are normally paid for sharing their talents and yet we benefit from them without thought. Dad always does our taxes, or your brother always repairs your car, or your best friend takes photos of your kids and just gives them to you.

Some people don’t have money or tangible talents but they always think of us when they have something they can give like extra fruit from the tree, a child’s toy or perhaps clothes they have outgrown. Perhaps when it comes to selling their car they give us the best deal ever or have all kinds of extra work done on it before they sell it because they know you really need a good vehicle for work.

Further down the list is the time and energy people put into us and our lives. Some people are just available to us. They love us or they have a special connection and they are always there.

People give to you all the time in your life. They have from the time you were born. Look around you and you will see how life is constantly gifting you. This world gifts you. People are always giving. As children, we expect to be the centre of all of that. We expect our parents to create birthdays and Christmas and give us the tangible gifts. We expect them to drive us places and feed us and pay for our way. We expect them to make us things and use their talents to enhance our lives and we expect them to filter their things down to us.

And then we become adults.

Meaning we are all now adults.

So what do you now give to others? What do you now give to them? How do you give to other people? How are you now part of this world and blessing it with your spirit, your heart, your intentions?

If you are going to selfishly hang on to all that you have, to even yourself, then you will eventually die joining the ranks of the poorest people that ever walked the earth. It will matter not how many cars you have or what kind of mansion you lived in. Life is a flow of energy. You receive, you give. You take in, you let go. The exchange is not the item, it is not the deed . . . it is the love. Love cannot be held in a box and put on a shelf it has to be released … to expand and grow and flow … to you, through you … breathing in and out.

This is life.

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