TFFT My Kind Of Love

my kind of love

I am keeping my focus on the people that are here with me.

I am not like anyone else and comparing myself to anyone else has no other outcome except to leave me as less.  If I see others as better than me, I have stamped that idea into my psyche.  It I see myself as better than others, I am not seeing clearly.  We pick the parts of people that further our own agenda’s and insecurities.  We gather the proof we need, sometimes having to ignore blatant facts to reach our conclusions.

Once I realized I was sometimes doing this, it was easier to stop it.

I don’t know the struggles other people have.  I don’t know their demons or their complete circumstances and therefore what I am seeing in a moment is just a facet of a very complex being.  We all have jewelled moments that present us in glowing light.  Just look at Facebook and what we put out there for the world, to entice others to come on in.  I suppose substance is no longer an issue because we know that those are pics from the “best of” moments and not an image we wear every moment of our lives.  What do we do with the people who stay long enough to find out we are just, after all, human beings?  So why do I buy into the hype?  My own mind putting this person to star in the “Mary, with the perfect life where everything goes her way?”

I will remember the people who have touched my heart.  I will remember those who have taught me.  I will let them come and go without clinging to them, emotionally needing them to stay.  I will understand that those who are here are gifts that I will not take for granted.  I will be open to new relationships.

“Being chosen” is not something that anyone does for me.  I choose me.  Whether anyone else does or doesn’t is irrelevant to my overall sense of who I am and the quality and value of my talents and abilities.  We miss so much about what is within our own selves because all we see is what everyone else is having or doing.

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