TFFT: Healers


Life prepares us, if we let it.

It throws down trials and situations that we often feel we cannot possibly survive, but we do.

In the process we find parts of ourselves we never knew we had, and many are broken open in ways that allow them to see life, and others, in a completely different light.  Many are infused with a compassion and understanding that enables them to be light bearers for others struggling in their own lives.

This is not magic.  It is not some special gift that one has and another does not.  This is about being present, being accountable and being open to life . . . to others around you.  Our stories are powerful.  Our journeys are herculean and epic.  They encapsulate what every one of us reaches for.  Sometimes sharing those stories inspire and motivate.  Sometimes we hold them in silence as we sit through the long night with someone, knowing that they need to sort it out and that the best we can do is to be there, and encourage that process.  Sometimes we stand as simple witnesses that they will survive, and the sun will eventually return to their world.

We talk of how we are unable to do anything of import in the lives of others.  How can we save the world?  How could we ever make a difference?

We say that because we imagine it will take something so amazing, so awe inspiring that it would have to border on magic.

We forget the magic of a kind word, a shared space, a smile . . .

It is the little things that each of us can do that we do not … that is killing us.  We are defeated by our own limiting beliefs that these things matter little in a sea of turmoil.

They matter.

You matter.




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