Letter to My Grandson with Asperger’s.


                                                                                (Poster:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/173094284/instant-download-star-wars-inspired)

My Dearest Noah;

I hope you know how much you are loved and that your pockets are full to overflowing with that love.  I hope it is love that helps you to shape the shield that you will need to do battle with life.

You have made us smile from the moment you were born with your bright blue eyes, and your red hair.  Your thoughtful evaluation of things before you speak and your drawl is a delight to all of us.  We have enjoyed your prowess in the swimming pool, your willingness to try new things and to be part of what the other kids are doing, just enjoying being “in the game,” without every getting caught up or lost in whether you are winning, or are the best.  How I wish I had been more open, like you are, to experiencing things, and less burdened with the notion of what others thought.

Your love for all things pirates has been an education for all of us.  It makes me excited for what is ahead of you, and the knowledge that once you decide on your interests, there will be no secrets kept from you.  Pirates, in your adventures, are the underdogs, the ones that must stand against greater powers, and wield their swords against their foes and terrible monsters.  They are not afraid, they have adventures, and they find treasure.  They are always willing to protect others.  It is such a metaphor for your life.  I wish that we could keep you from the unkindness of others who will judge you and ridicule you.  I wish that other people could see the you that we see and know you as we do, but people are not always capable of that.  Some people, even adults, have a greater disability.  They lack courage.

They hide in their cabins as they sail across their life, afraid to see or experience different things.  They miss out on the adventures.  When the battle comes they whimper and point at other people hoping to deflect the attention away from their own cowardice.   They can’t fight the bigger foe so they fight the shadows.  They are really fighting with their own fear . . . and saving no one.   I know that in your world this makes no sense and that you would not hesitate to slay the biggest sea monster to save them, even after they have hurt or bullied you.  You would do that because that it was a hero does.

You are hero.

In your life and mine.

Love you forever,  “Nana Monkey.”

3 thoughts on “Letter to My Grandson with Asperger’s.

    • thank you BulgingButtons, I hope that these children can teach all of us what it is to love instead of being caught up in winning and losing and what we look like. We should all be together in this, not fighting against one another.


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