TFFT I Stopped Apologizing For Being So Sensitive

as a woman

I do have to thank the internet for teaching me to simply block the people that irritate me, or stop following them, or mute them, or don’t read what they write.

I have a choice.

No need to engage them and start WW3.  But it also has given me the courage to ignore the attacks on me because I don’t NEED you to like or approve of me.

I accept that very few people are going to get me.  I am strange and sensitive and I feel strongly about a lot of things.  I also have a big mouth and am not afraid to wade into a discussion or to speak up when things are wrong.  I accept that I irritate people and they should be free to walk a wide berth around me.  We are not going to be best friends or even want to hang out together and that is ok.

I have just learned to really sooo appreciate the people who accept me for me and allow me to be myself.  Thank you.  I can never say that as many times as I have felt it and been grateful for you all in my life.  Those people who really know me may be few, but that you took the time and did not give up on me, speaks volumes for the size of your heart.  I think the thing I have had to accept is that if it was really that important to me to be one of the popular girls,  I could have done something to change how I am.  Goodness knows my family tried hard enough to make me conform but I like me.  I like my company.  I understand who I am and why I cry and it is ok.

I am attracted to those people who dare to be different, who dare to feel, to bleed, to stand, to stay alone long into the night.  I find the way they think, the way they see the world to be incredibly interesting.

Strange how what used to be everyone’s greatest concern . . . “she is so different from the other girls”  . . . is my greatest comfort.

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