TFFT: Returning the Empty Beauty Bottles and Demanding a Refund.

you are


Who we are, how we treat people, what we say about them, the things we do to hurt their journey or enhance it . . . these are the things that speak volumes beyond anything else.  Are we capable of love?  Have we loved others?  What have we done to those who have loved us?

We can put on lipstick and pull the admiring glances from strangers but what do the people who really know and love us think about who we are and what we do?  If you look into their eyes and all you see is pain, then lipstick, no matter how awesome the shade, is not going to help.

We define who we are, not by what we say, but by what we do.  Repeated actions become habits.  We dye our soul with those actions.

Some people attend a church and worry about what they are wearing and that others see them.  Others attend and worry about how they can be more Christ-like.

I worry about how many people are lost in a world that reflects back to them only the superficial so that they always feel less than those around them.  I worry about parents and peers that hold those standards up as if those are “qualities” worth their time and attention.  I worry about people spending so much money and effort to look “pretty” while ignoring real qualities of integrity, compassion and courage.  I worry that the people that get elected or put in charge of this world have nothing beneath the shell of their “pretty exteriors,” and that those who really can make the difference never get a chance.

I hope that I am able to reflect to them what I see.

The most beautiful, popular person can become terribly hard and ugly when their actions are cruel and unkind.  The most plain and neglected person can become beautiful when you see the person inside.  It is all in the light that radiates from each of us. 

One day, the scales will fall from our eyes and the illusion of this world will fall away and we will stand naked, as we truly are.  There will be no hiding the ugliness and the beauty and we will find that none of it has anything to do with the colour of our skin or eyes, our height, our weight, the length of our hair … it will simply be about the choices we made that define who we really are.

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