TFFT: Happy Loners

too gentle for wolves


This resonates within me.

I feel  very blessed to have people that totally allow me to share who I am.  I am grateful that my best friends are also my family.

I understand those people who do not have friendships with their family because I come from a family like that, but with my own family, even when circumstances separate us emotionally or physically, I have always had that connection.  My husband, in particular, is the one person I can completely be who I am without any need to ever censor.

I need a lot of alone time.  I am not unhappy or depressed.  It just centres me.

I have been thinking a lot about being comfortable with just being me and not keeping that out of the way of people who do not understand me.  This is my story.  My life and I want/need to share it with others.  I have grand kids and while some of them will never be interested, those that are, I want to connect with and share who I am, what I remember from my family, and what I know.  It is ok if they are not interested, but I am so available to those that are.

There are big changes on the horizon for us.  We do this, we constantly push the boundaries.  We get restless when things start getting too routine and we look for the things that feed our souls.  There is fear and excitement in that.  My head latches onto the logic and my heart sort of clings to the happiness of known practices and situations.  Then we leap, and there is an unknown, and an adjustment and then we are great.  It is good to have a partner that is committed to fighting that comfort.  I think a little of me dies a bit when things become too routine.  Change that confronts you and makes you stretch is a good catalyst for me to re-engage in life.  We will travel more, and probably to less visited places.  It really feels like a profoundly spiritual journey for me.

So ya, upward and onward and here’s too creating opportunities to seek out so much more of that beauty of this world.

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