Canadian Melders. We Are Everywhere.

canadian eh

You know it is cool to watch everyone hanging in their groups .. groups by country, groups by language, groups by sexual preference, groups by fast food preferences .. and then there are the Canadians!   We just sort of hang with everyone … melding, mixing …. yup that is us .. “The Canadian Melders.” We have uniforms and everything … mounty jodphers, beaver hats, hudson bay blanket scarves, cable knit sweaters with a moose head on it, maple leaf underwear and muk luks. The secret team handshake is a non hand shake – that is the secret – it is a head nod and “eh?”

You will see us everywhere hanging on the periphery, in fact, some of you have probably asked,“hey isn’t that a Canadian over there, hanging … on the .. um … periphery?” And your friend probably said, “No … that’s actually Grandma …. don’t know any “Periphery.” Grandma’s name is “Doris.””  Continue reading

TFFT: What IS Faith?


Anyone can have a theory about how something should go.  We have all heard people instruct others on how to raise their kids, or how marriage works.  They can have plenty of ideas and suggestions, but until they actually get married, or have children of their own, are their methods ever tested?  We also see where sometimes these same people find out their own advice was completely wrong.

The point is that nothing is really owned until it is “tested.” Continue reading


It isn’t given to us to know those rare moments when people are wide open and the lightest touch can wither or heal. A moment too late and we can never reach them any more in this world. They will not be cured by our most efficacious drugs or slain with our sharpest swords.”  F. Scott Fitzgerald

TFFT: Take Your Offense Elsewhere.


I am frankly tired of people taking offense at every little thing.  It is a choice you make to be offended, especially in the absence of any real proof that the offense was intended.

People make mountains out of the most ridiculous molehills.  And then they want to gather a lynching party to support them in their efforts to become offensive to the person they have targeted.  Makes sense, right? Continue reading

Fighting the Demons.


Every day there is a little bird that circles the house and lands at almost every window and proceeds to spend a few minutes pecking at it’s own reflection in the dark glass.  It has been doing it for over a year now .  Today I sat back and watched it for a few moments and wondered about how it processed its daily battle with countless rivals, demon birds in the glass.  He pecks and flies at the window with all the intensity and ferocity the other birds muster in their territorial conflicts with one another in the flesh.  Sure this bird walks away the victor in every battle but as soon as he lands on another window, their is another opponent to take on … an endless supply of birds to fight every day in the endless circle he does around our house.  It must be exhausting.  Continue reading


“Control is one of the biggest illusion that feeds our egos.  To put it simply, while i may have control over the next breathe that i inhale, i have absolutely no control over the next beating of my own heart.  There are few things in life that is in our control—namely our thoughts, speech and actions—take charge of them will give you more sense of peace than you realize.   The work you put in the gaining control in self while may be harder than you imagine, truth is, you WILL start seeing difference in the quality of your life. Our mental shift does have the power of influencing external circumstances around us.”    tanglejan

TFFT : Question Everything.

children to read

Teaching kids to question also means that you have to facilitate their questioning you.  There are effective ways of doing that.

You begin with giving them input and options within parameters that you are comfortable with, and that allow for safety.  A big part of this is following through with the consequences of those choices because learning to question, with integrity and not just to cause problems, requires critical thinking.  Critical thinking, requires, among other things, that a person is able to consider the bigger picture and see beyond their immediate actions. Continue reading