TFFT: I See You.

I see You

A friend said this to me the other day, in relation to someone we were discussing, that she “saw her.”

Isn’t that what we all want?  To be seen?  To be understood?  To know that someone besides ourselves can acknowledge we exist and that we are doing the best we can?

It got me thinking a lot about whether I tell people often enough, that I see them.  It can be such a simple thing to do so why don’t we do it more?  As I forced myself over the last couple of days to stop and consider what it is I am seeing, I started to see much more, even though I was convinced I am pretty connected and observant.

How often do we simply walk by the homeless, or the mom having a tough time with her kids?  How often do we go out of our way not to see them, or to avoid any eye contact.  Do we do it with the people we know and love?

Sometimes just being told that someone else is aware of you, with a word, a smile, eye contact, is enough to keep people moving forward.  We used to do it all the time as kids.  There was a whole language in the way we looked at one another.  We were not great orators but we could send a single look that expressed our concern or sympathy, or that made arrangements for where to meet once we “escaped.”

That will be my goal for the next while.  To keep in my awareness, the people around me, to see them and acknowledge them.  It is going to become a second nature habit for me that I am going to keep practicing because I do believe we are all worth it.

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