TFFT I Double Dare You.

repressed emotions

Someone ever tell you to let something go that was in the past, and yet … you can’t?

Past experiences that stay with us, the ones we remember, have an emotional charge to them.  There is a hook that keeps pulling us back.  That hook can be a pleasant one where we experience joy or happiness as we think about them, or they can be painful.

Life has a great way of protecting us from things we are incapable of, or unwilling, to face – it allows us to bury them for a period of time.  We can suppress them to the point of not remembering them, or we can just Polly-Anne them to the bottom of our to-do list. But eventually our barriers are broken down and we end up with the item sitting in the middle of our life, insisting we deal with it.  Dealing with it involves finally acknowledging, experiencing, and processing the emotions.

I have asked myself why this is so important that we never seem to be able to escape the process.

The answer is simple.  We need the emotion for the lesson that is intended.  The lesson is always about self.  Experiencing the emotion brings the lesson to the forefront and depending on our choice of what we do with that lesson, it can open our understanding regarding life and others  or it can close us down to bitterness and anger. Are you teachable?  Are you humble enough to accept you don’t know everything and you do make mistakes?  Can you be wrong and still be ok?

We only avoid what we fear.  When we have faced our demons, those experiences will not draw and keep out attention again.

I have found the angrier I am, the stronger I react, whatever it is about . . . THERE is my work.  THERE is my lesson. The pain tells me the journey will be worth it and always, no matter what other lessons it may have for me, is the one consistent thread through all these experiences – I have a long way to go yet before I can stand and judge anyone else.

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