Fighting the Demons.


Every day there is a little bird that circles the house and lands at almost every window and proceeds to spend a few minutes pecking at it’s own reflection in the dark glass.  It has been doing it for over a year now .  Today I sat back and watched it for a few moments and wondered about how it processed its daily battle with countless rivals, demon birds in the glass.  He pecks and flies at the window with all the intensity and ferocity the other birds muster in their territorial conflicts with one another in the flesh.  Sure this bird walks away the victor in every battle but as soon as he lands on another window, their is another opponent to take on … an endless supply of birds to fight every day in the endless circle he does around our house.  It must be exhausting. 

How often do we see threats behind the darkened glass and fight wildly, engaged in a battle where the opponent and the reasons exist only in our own minds. We can make them as endless and as pointless as the bird does.  We can waste all our time and energy battling demon ghosts that are no threat to us at all.

What a metaphor for our lives.  The bird could simply see that there is no real bird.  He could choose not to fight – the bird behind the glass only attacks when he does.  That bird is never capable of winning or of inflicting any type of wound.  The bird could simply stop.  He could fly away and get on with a more productive use of his time.  But he doesn’t.  It has become a habit.  It has become a psychosis and now, only some kind of interference by us could possibly stop him from his daily ritual.

Makes me think about the things in my life that are “images in the glass” just really mirrors of my own self.  Even what I react to in others, are mirrors of my own fears and demons and focusing on them, fighting against them, is never going to solve the problem.  All I can ever do is to stop, and look at the part of me that is being reflected.  Sometimes it is hard to look at that part of myself, to address those hidden fears, but it is the only way to truly win the battle.

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