TFFT: Take Your Offense Elsewhere.


I am frankly tired of people taking offense at every little thing.  It is a choice you make to be offended, especially in the absence of any real proof that the offense was intended.

People make mountains out of the most ridiculous molehills.  And then they want to gather a lynching party to support them in their efforts to become offensive to the person they have targeted.  Makes sense, right?

They throw out their declarations of anger at your actions, putting into place assumptions about what you meant, what the circumstances were surrounding your actions, and that you have no interest in resolving it.  Resolving it would probably involve someone clarifying what the intent was and if what they thought they heard was indeed what was said.  It would also involve finding out what was going on when it was said.  Someone not responding to a message you might consider needing a response might come down to simply the person having a greater emergency or concerns going on at their place.  Or maybe they did not get the message at all.  Check.  Your.  Facts.

What is being offended anyway?  It is a sword thrown down stating that you are pissed.  You have made a decision to create a drama regardless of anything else other than your response to what you THINK happened or was said.  Something is offensive when it is inappropriate for a situation or denigrates someone based on race, religion, culture, sex, etc.  Someone disagreeing with you or not doing something you want is not being offensive.  That is you, making a situation all about you, without any respect for someone else’s right to represent themselves.  That is a power play.  It is something bully’s do.

If you have a complaint, deal with it.  Deal with the person in question.  Put your big girl/boy pants on and talk it through and get over it.  Life is just too short to waste on pointless emotions.

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