The Reason For The Compassion Network.


Today I have had a complete meltdown. I clicked on a video that someone on my timeline had commented on and watched a horrific video. First I witnessed a dog struck on a busy highway and the heroic efforts of another dog to pull it to safety. Then I witnessed a 2 year old child struck by a truck and run over and left on the road as other people saw her and walked by or drove over her tiny body. The message was that we must find our compassion.

It was a disturbing video and I have not shared the link because I wish someone had better warned me for what I was about to see.

I cannot take one more picture of children’s bodies broken and maimed, tossed aside like yesterday’s garbage. I cannot take one more reality or police show of the horrific things criminals do to their victims. I cannot take another video on how corrupt our governments have become and how people are being used as if we were nothing more than cattle. Rape, murder, wars, abuse …. ENOUGH.

As I said, I had a melt down and spent much of the afternoon hugging myself in the fetal position and crying inconsolably .

And yet, once I managed to pull my head off of my soaked pillow I realized I cannot walk away from the images and stories that will always haunt me. I cannot walk away because to not see them is far far worse than looking and being unable to contain my horror and sorrow. There are indeed sick sick monsters in this world, but worse than that, there are those who look and do not see. There are those who look and see … but do not care. There are those who are completely unmoved, or who are too afraid to let themselves be moved. There are those that are too comfortable in their own lives to be moved.

There are those who know what is going on and do nothing to stop it. Those who shush the victims into silence. Those who deny the victims justice and those who blame the victims for what has happened to them.

The comments that flowed underneath the video were those discussing how the government was to blame in the country where it occurred, the culture … for not caring about women, the parents … for not watching the child better, and on and on. Many extolled their own virtues as parents, their own countries, their own cultures. Some used the reasons above as accusations and some as excuses. It is the same with any horrific story that occurs these days.

I have joined groups where all they seem to want to do is identify the bad guys with sweeping brushes of thick tar. It is all men. It is this religious group, that political party, this culture, that ethnicity. It is always THEM and never US. It is always YOU and never ME.

We are the younger generation or we are the people who are raising the younger generation, or we are the people who raised the people who are raising the younger generation. We ARE the society we blame.

We are so busy telling everyone everything that none of us are listening.

We are so busy connecting with everyone and gathering likes and friends for social media brownie points that we have no time to give a damn about what the people around us are saying, what they need.

We don’t want to clutter our pretty pictures or cute images of baby animals with pictures of the horrific things going on in our own neighbourhoods. We don’t want to hear that even our “friends” are struggling or have needs. We mute or block them and laugh or complain about them to the other “beautiful” people.

Children don’t need toys at Christmas anymore … they need food to eat. They don’t need a trip to Disneyland … they need someone to stop their parent from climbing into bed with them every night and robbing their innocence.

People don’t need a turkey dinner, they need a ride to the doctor. People don’t want hand outs … They want hand ups. People want to be treated with the dignity, care and respect that you would like to be treated with.

I am sick of hearing adults bully one another talking about how great they are and what losers everyone else is and then wondering why our children bully one another. I am tired of people talking about how corrupt the government is when they cheat on their own taxes. I am most tired of religious people talking about how much they hate anyone who disagrees with their viewpoint.

It has not helped anyone that I had a meltdown today, other than to let me know I was not yet dead. So I ask myself, what can help? What can I do to make a difference?

I will continue to look and see. I will continue to read. I will continue to cry … But I will not be afraid and I will not become complacent. I know there are many people out there who care, who have compassion, who are organizing, and pulling together to find ways to reach people whether it be within their own families, their communities or their countries. I want to hear those stories. I want us to share them because I believe we can ignite a fire that can inspire the world.

I don’t care if you write in broken words …. as long as it comes from your heart. It can be short or long. It can be a picture. It may be something you learned, or saw …. It may be something someone has done for you or that you did for someone else. It may be an idea you tried that can inspire others to greater works of good.

Let’s discuss but I don’t want to hear just about the problems, I want to hear solutions. Behind all the political manoeuvring and horrific situations are human beings. There are stories of triumph and courage. There are messages of hope.

After many horrific tragedies we hear stories of how people overcame and survived, of how they pulled together. These are the messages we need to cling to now. We need to understand how incredibly powerful we are as human beings. People need practical help to make their journeys, and they need support. Can we provide those connections?

I envision people reading about someone’s story or situation and reaching out to them. We all know of those moments when something stirs within us and we feel we need to do or say something. Let’s listen to our inner promptings.

All we have in life is this moment. We choose whether to use it or lose it. We choose whether to ignite our compassion and reach out to help and heal one another or to turn a cold shoulder. I am asking you to share. Share without religion, without culture, without ethnicity. Accept responsibility to fix this. Accept that we are all to blame for the state the world is in and that we have the power to fix this. Let’s build ourselves up and build one another. Let’s build bridges that transcend all the walls that now separate us.

Stories, resources, ideas, experiences, thoughts … Join me, join together and be human beings who live their lives with a sense of community and passion that encircles the world with COMPASSION.

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