TFFT: Rely on The Most Powerful Person You Will Ever Know. You!

do it yourself

I am still saddened by how much time and effort people put into running from one spiritual guru to the next, course after course of instruction, instead of putting that same effort into time with themselves, connected to the source of all wisdom and power and love, understanding who they are so that they can live a life that blesses the lives of others.

It is not the gathered knowledge that is the magic, it is the understanding and empowering of self that allows us to live and do that which heals and lifts others.  When we are strong and in tune we act with an intention guided by the correct purpose of who we are.  We are in sync.  We are powerful.  We are moved into positions where our actions can have the most impact.  We are led to lessons just for us.  We are present in teaching moments where the connection between us and the “student” is deep.  It is not the “classes” we hold as much as it the life we live.  Who are we?

To find that road, to know you are in constant touch with all the wisdom, all the power, and that you have only to be open to that, means there is nothing that can happen that you cannot handle.

I am so sad that people are still so connected to living as if the secret of life is to earn lots of money, to be rich, to accumulate things, to be famous, to have privilege or opportunity.  All of those things are so temporary and unimportant to the greater peace and happiness of living with love, connecting to the people around you, and using the time that you are given to bless the lives of others.

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