Are You Freaking Kidding Me Looks at Internet Dating/Mating Advice.


A while ago I read an article from a guy who was giving women tips on what men are like.  He made them sound like completely mindless douche canoes.  According to him men are incapable of knowing what they want and women should play these games with him because he gets reeled in by a woman’s butt or her breasts and it is up to women to then know how to play mind games with him.  As a woman reading that I am thinking, why would any woman put up the effort?  I have not heard from the guy since.  I am anticipating that A:  either a bunch of men found him and “requested” he stop typing or “permanently banned” him for keyboards, talking, drawing pictures, or making any motions with his hands that could be considered communication, B:  a bunch of women found him, reeled him in and he is sitting on a couch somewhere drinking beer and scratching himself while his “wife” maxes out his credit card, or C:  His mother found him in he basement and beat him senseless.

But I am an equal opportunity complainer here.  I have also seen stuff like this all over the internet:

“Make Him addicted to you . Just say This to Make Him Want You Like Never Before.

“Save your Relationship? Even if your partner is unwilling. Learn how in 20 minutes. Guaranteed.”

Which led me to the website where a woman promised to help cause she was a “trained relationship coach” with her biggest credential being the fact she has been “blissfully” married for 20 years. It wasn’t always that way though, cause when she used all the wrong words and actions to attract and keep a man in her life, she almost lost her husband completely until she learned the secrets and tools she wants to share.

There are not a lot of pictures on the site of happy couples.  I imagine she had trouble finding any studentsliars, losers, actors, people from other planets,  penguins dressed in people suits.  Perhaps the men were not as willing to be photographed in such a compromised position.

“How did you two fall in love?”

Him … “I really have no idea, I couldn’t stand her when we met.”

Her …”Mind control.”

Now just a couple of things .. First how can you be “blissfully married” for 20 years in one breath and in the next you almost lost your husband? That does not spell marital bliss over the 20 years. Second of all she looks to be in her 40’s maybe so prior to the marriage that would make her what … a teenager? People who use their personal experiences as the font of their knowledge usually have a deep well to draw from .. not just an early marriage that lasts. That would be another skill set that could be marketable, like understanding how relationships work, good communication etc .. . NOT the hunting and trapping of the male species, which, according to her, have not a single brain cell or need , other than to be our guinea pigs in the love lab of life. Trapping one person does not prove a method.

And how exactly is tricking and coercing an unwilling person into loving you … love? And forget compatibility and anything else you used to look for in a relationship, according to her – you pick him, you want him … she will show you how to force him into your life! Wow I bet the men feel all warm inside and so special wecial about this.

The most disturbing part of all of this is … she has clients. CLIENTS?? That sort of takes me from how stupid do we think men are to ….. how stupid are we?

Discussion – would you ever do this? Do you know someone who would? Are you laughing or crying?

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