TFFT: When Life Sucks


It is so much easier to let people come and go out of our lives, teaching us the lessons they were intended to teach, learning more about ourselves when we stop looking at them as some kind of possessions we are meant to accumulate during our lives.  People are energy, just like anything else in life. They are meant to flow to us, through us, and back into the world.  We are not meant to hold on to them any more than we are meant to hold on to things or emotions or anything in this world.  When we stop the idea that we own people, whether it be your spouse, your children or friends, life becomes much easier.

You cannot hold the wind. You can only experience it.

The wind is only one dimensional compared to the people who bless our lives and yes, even those that cause us pain bless our lives because we learn about life and more importantly, about ourselves.  Someone has to hold up darkness in order for us to understand light.  There had to be a Satan in order for there to be a God.  There has to be evil in order for there to be good, otherwise we would have not ability to understand beauty and truth and light.


That is the truth.  We decide whether we are stronger or weaker and it is our thoughts, our patterns of viewing ourselves that then tells our body about how it may cope.  It is these same patterns of thought that then creates our reality and tells the world about who we are.  Only we have the power to turn our lives around.  Winning the lottery is not going to do it, someone is not going to drop success in our laps.  Perhaps most startling of all will be the understanding that being strong, happy and successful seldom looks anything like we imagined.  It is much simpler and usually involves just our own hearts.

bad day

And finally, don’t take the day, or any single incident and pile all the past incidents and days on top of it to convince yourself  your life sucks.  The biggest obstacle to allowing people to get on with their lives is found in getting them to let go of the past.  It doesn’t matter anymore.  You cannot change it.  You have no power over it.  You only have power over the moment you are in and by focusing on the crap you are deciding to live in crap.  YOU are deciding that.  Not the boss that wronged you, not the guy who cut you off in traffic, not the girl who dumped you.

Deal with each problem as it comes up and needs addressing.  Don’t jump to some conclusion that it is a problem or how it needs to be handled until you have all the information and action is needed.  You will be amazed how many problems disappear just as approaching storms that seem inevitable constantly disappear before they deliver their blow.  You make so much of your life happen.  Don’t make it any worse than it has to be.  Knowing you see a potential problem, you will deal with it when you need to, and that you have a history of handling problems and surviving, should be all you need to convince you that this is a temporary situation that can be handled.   As long as no-one died, everything is manageable.

You have survived all those tragedies of your life you are pulling out to pile on top of today.  Look at yourself.  You did that.  You are awesome!

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