TFFT: Peace and Power. A Life Choice.

be soft

It is hard to hang on to who you are.  It is particularly hard when the anger and hate of others impacts you.  There are many people now who are acutely aware of the bad mood, and the negativity of others.  It is part and parcel of a growing ability for empathy and a development of a deeper compassion.  When you feel the emotions of others, how do you not let them take over and pull you from your own centre?

How do you return love for hate?  How do you conquer pain and use trials and difficulties as stepping stones instead of building walls or using the stones as weapons against the world and others?

It is a choice you make.


There are two points.  The first is to allow others to be who they are.  It is not your job to fix them or even teach them.  We teach others by the lives we live and regardless of how dynamic we may consider our abilities to inspire or convince others, learning is an agreement they make with their own souls  There is nothing you can do to make an unteachable person teachable.   That is a private journey.  We live our lives with strength and purpose and speak our own truth and walk in our own light and the universe provides the teaching moments.  Real learning happens on the soul level and is so intensely personal that it is purely between the universe and each individual.

The second point is that you have to let go of attachment to outcome.  You are not loving because you want love in return.  You do not give and then hold that person ransom on any level because they “owe” you.  You do not do things because it makes you look good, or furthers you in any way.  You do what you do because it is who you are and there is no other way to be.  It is more important to you to be who you are than it matters what other people do or don’t do for you and to you because of that fact.

be amazing

And life ceases to be a struggle and you cannot be disappointed in yourself or others.  Nothing can own you or control you.  Everything is possible.  We are all powerful, and together we can change the world.

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