Heal Our Children. Heal Ourselves.


For the kids who are lost and hurting. For the parents whose arms and hearts are aching. For the systems that are broken and the agencies that have lost the plot somewhere along the way. For the people so full of hate that they use their children as weapons against the other parent. It is time to look at our children and see the pain we have caused. The system is broken. We are broken. And we are breaking an entire generation with our abuse of their hearts.

Look around you. Encourage the broken families in your communities to heal. Let’s teach our children to love instead of filling their lives with hate. Tell your sons and daughters to stand up and be the parent’s they are supposed to be. Refuse to engage in anything that furthers hate, or communicates to a child that their other parent does not love them or is unworthy of their love. Speak out against injustice. Refuse to accept it. Tell the truth.


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