Beware the Hidden Lies in the Beautiful Ideas.

for a reason

I happen to disagree with this statement.

This is not a criticism on the people who posted the poster from Facebook – Changeyourthoughtstoday, or whoever made the poster, or even Iyanla Vanzant.  It is a criticism of what the quote is saying.

There is a reason why people can react so viscerally to statements like this, that are most often found with religions.  It suggests that we alone are responsible for everything that happens to us.  It suggests that if we are not successful or happy, that we alone are to blame and that people who are successful and happy are better people.  It often shades over into, they are loved more, are stronger, have more faith, etc etc – depending on the agenda of the organization that is promoting the idea.

It does not allow for natural disasters, tragedies, accidents or crime.  It supposes that everything in the world is perfect, kind, balanced and safe, and that by the way we act or think, we create what we get.  So I guess we can stop feeling sorry for the Jewish people, the woman who gets raped, and even children who end up dead.  They created their reality, they drew it to themselves.  This type of thinking, that is easy to tag on to the end to other truths, is dangerous.

It destroys people’s lives and does not empower them, but rather completely defeats them.

There are plenty of people who are criminals who live lives of privilege and never suffer any tragedy in this life.  Are they rewarded because of their “belief” that they are worthy good people while the person who struggles to put food in their mouth, desperately wants a chance to make a better life but lives in a country where politically and financially that is never going to happen, gets what he does because he lacks enough self esteem?  Of course not.

Be careful when you grab hold of all the happy, seemingly positive sayings that are out there.  Just because there is a pretty picture and they are being sold by  people who appear to have chosen a more enlightened path does not mean you set your common sense or discernment down while you have a piece of tofu on your natural grain cracker with your herbal tea.  Think about what you are reading.

Life happens, we don’t have much say about the circumstances we are born into.  We can make the best of those circumstances but you can’t sit in a room looking at mirrors or tarot cards and suddenly be a brain surgeon in a mansion, on the other side of the world . . . no matter how great your self esteem is or how positive you are thinking.  As things happen to us we have the power to decide HOW we face those problems and what their impact is on us.  We can control the way in which we think about them, and use them to empower us instead of defeat us.   However, if you happen to be in the car that the mountain falls on, you are either going to be maimed or killed.  If you are in the bank when some idiot opens fire, you may very well be shot.  If you lose your arm in an accident there is a physical reality to that you will have to learn to live with no matter how positively you adjust your thinking.  You did not draw that to you.  You did not deserve it because you were not on top of your game that day.  It wouldn’t matter if you were on top of your game either because self-esteem does not automatically bullet proof your underwear so that bullets don’t penetrate when someone points a gun at you and pulls the trigger.  THAT is about someone else deciding who they are and taking away any choice you have in that matter.

Knowing who you are and how you think, what you need, where you are going,  is not so everything will be easy and happy.  It is about growing and evolving.  Enlightenment itself is a painful, lonely,  journey.  Knowing who you are often means you walk a path that no-one else will ever understand or validate.  Other people will constantly tell you that you are wrong and they will point to the lack of “success” and “happy trappings” in your life as evidence.

We have too long looked at the wealthy and those who avoid difficulties, as superior in their thinking, their talents, their faith … even when we have proof of how corrupt those illusions can be.  Success, by worldly standards, has little to do with anything God sanctions.  It has even less to do with superior talent or character.  It can … but it quite often does not.

How could a God, who knows and understands the real values of life, ever turn against everything He ever taught and reward man’s divine efforts with temporary things meant only to quell physical appetites, like money, things, success??  The real happiness, the real meaning of life will never be found in these illusions.  They are the lie.

The very men who, the lives, the gurus of everything that pushed us to seek to know ourselves and to believe in something more, are men and women who had the best knowledge of who they were and how the world operates and yet almost without fail, every single one of them was ridiculed and abused, rejected by the world and its success and riches.

Don’t build your spiritual journey, your movement towards light, with lies that only deter us and keep us from ever really seeing what we are meant to see.

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