TFFT: The Lies We Live

lies speak loudly

I sometimes wonder if people assume the only reason we should tell the truth is a legal or a religious one.  Do we understand the importance of the truth as an energy that flows … or is stopped?  Do we understand that the person lies hurt the most is not the intended victim . . . it is always ourselves.

what you do

It is easy to talk about the truth and say what we will do.  Words are easy.  You throw them together in a sentence, you speak them at the right time, and if they are what the people around you want to hear, you get a warm fuzzy feeling of approval or acceptance but the reality of our lives is measured in who we are.  Who we are can only be put before the world by our actions.

Words mean nothing without action.

When we live our lives out of sync, we can never find peace, we will never accomplish or be the things that are truly in our hearts.  You can only be honest with others when you are first honest with yourself.  When you cannot be honest with yourself then your actions will always fall short of who you are and what you need.  And sadly, your life will be a series of interrupted relationships and opportunities because it does not take long for people to realize you are indeed, a liar.

never lie to yourself

It means you will never finish what you start.  You will be the person who is always talking about the great things you are capable of and going to do … some day.  You will always look to outer circumstances to be just perfect to allow that to happen, for the start to align … because you will have absolutely no clue how success happens for other people and why it is not happening for you.

Honesty means accepting who you are … and who you aren’t.  It means allowing yourself to be imperfect … a work in progress . . . and still finding a way to be okay with that.  And once you do that … the magic happens, because it is suddenly OK for other people to be who they are too.

Liars hate the people who speak the truth, because they can’t keep up their bullshit in their presence and so they lose the very people who may care about them the most, the ones willing to go the hard yards and to accept them as they are.  Just because someone can see you have some dirt on your face does not mean that they do not consider you to be beautiful beyond belief.

But a liar cannot bear a mirror held up to themselves.

that you lied

Losing someone in your life who has lied, about situations, about their feelings, about who they are . . . is painful.  But even in that I find the sadness is not about me or the hurt caused, it is the sadness that someone chooses to live their life in such a way that interferes with the love and connection that should … that could be there.

Is that truly what they wanted?

No-one will know for sure … because the person does not know.

Lies keep us from life.  They choke the energy flow, they fill our lives with regrets and broken things … some of which are the people we destroy as we scramble to be allowed to keep lying …

It is … incredibly sad.

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