The Light Is Meant For All of Us.


You can say whatever you want but if your actions don’t back those words no-one is going to care. We all know what we should say. It is easy to talk about being kind to the poor and the needy when they are miles away from us and not impacting our daily lives. It is easy to champion issues everyone can agree with as wrong. It is easy to be sure we would never make the kinds of mistakes other human beings have made when we have never had to face the kind of lives they are. 

Even liars and fools often know what people want to hear but the real litmus test comes in how we live our lives when no-one is looking. Are we kind to the ordinary people? Do we speak with compassion? Do we care about other people’s rights? Are we honest?

It is easy to love the orphaned child, much harder to love the lady at the check out with the annoying child. We are often willing to extend compassion to the family down the street who is having a tough time, not so quick with the woman at golf who just moved in and thinks she is all that.

Misery is not a competition and helping out one another is not intended to be this years “award winning act” meant to look good on out resumes and garner us some type of recognition or award.

We have to help one another because it is the right thing to do.

We have to help ourselves first, and get rid of all the notions that tell us that life is about competing on any level. If there are no winners there can be no losers. We have to be willing to just be people who are doing the best we can to live and love and negotiate life. W have to share the work and the fun, the success and the failures.

As you participate in this forum leave the name calling and judgment aside. Try to understand what the concerns of other people are, and how and why they arrived at their opinions. Most of all be willing to read and look at things that contradict YOUR opinion. It can only do 1 of two things … Make your resolve regarding your position stronger or provide you with the proof to reconsider. For God’s sake be willing to be wrong. None of us have all the answers.

This is not a forum for the experts – they have their own forums. This is about validating the experience of you and I, and the belief that we are society. WE have what we need to be able to solve these problems and find solutions.

Forget that it has never been done or that it seems impossible or that it is going to take a lot of work. We are worth it. Our children are worth it.

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