Parental Alienation Syndrome Video. Steve Miller MD

Another Excellent video shared. Eyeopener. Make sure you read the many comments at the end, the discussion is always important.

If video does not show click on title and it will come up.

2 thoughts on “Parental Alienation Syndrome Video. Steve Miller MD

  1. Thank You for this video. I didn’t need to see the victim’s testimony because My family is going through this. We live it everyday. My daughter fell for and married an ex-con, turned Born Again Christian, Youth Minister. He was 40, 3rd marriage, she was 28, 1st marriage. My daughter had a son, Michael 15 in a prior relationship. She was looking for a change in their lives, it was a whirlwind relationship. Became pregnant right away with Eden, 9. From the moment they started to live together she discovered who he really was, still a con, selling drugs, doing drugs, flipping houses with others and stealing peoples possessions. She could go no where with out him knowing where she was. If by chance she was not detected he would haunt her with questions, where were you? Who did you see? Who did you talk to.
    He became obsessed…she was realizing the truth about him, He could not let anyone know what he’d been up to. The smear campaign was on.
    They were married 2 years and she left him. He filed for divorce. He had money..she didn’t.
    She received Temporary Custody. That made him so mad that he started the “smear campaign”. It has now been 8 years in the court system, him always in contempt. She has not seen her children since Feb 15, 2014, before that it was 5 mins in the door way at xmas. This has gone as far as the Iowa Court of Appeals. We did win that case but nothing much changed. The children remained with him, he controls everything. He has meshed so many stories together , created so many lies that people are thrown off by him, they believe him. He is a Man of God.
    No, he is an extreme alienator. He is a criminal raising my grandchildren and everyone sits in their bubbles and does nothing to help the victims, the children and their extended family that love and miss them.
    My daughter says it feels as if they have been stolen and she just keeps waiting for their call.
    Panic is her daily companion now.
    What I have written is only a very small portion of our story.
    Thank you for believing and speaking out for the Victim’s in this Crime.
    Sincerely, Mary


    • Mary, thank you for sharing your family’s story. I think it is so important that people stop and think about the family that is involved in this because our sons and daughters did not grow up in a vacuum. There is always a whole family connected to the case before the family courts. You bring up four very salient points. The first being how other people play into this by involving themselves and believing and repeating the lies and encouraging the bad behaviour of one of the parents. The second is this double standard where for some reason these people who commit acts considered child abuse or criminal in other cases, seem to go completely unpunished and the third being that one parent completely works with and supports the court and the other abuses it repeatedly and finally that there is no way to enforce the court order, even with the provision that you have the ability to call the police. If one parent decides to commit child abuse which includes Parental Alienation, and keep the child from the other parent, there is NO recourse. The courts are hypocritical in seeming to believe everything bad about one party and nothing bad about the other. I hope this is the beginning of a landslide of sharing and that people begin to wake up to what is really going on.


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