TFFT I Am Strong Enough to Believe in Me.

I've come to trust

It is not about trusting anything or anyone other than my own purpose and my ability to take what life throws at me and use it for advancement and not let it defeat me.

Some people excuse everything awful that comes at you by claiming it was what was meant to be, like we deserve tragedy or needed it.  Some people use this idea to excuse the bad behaviour of other people as if they were doing you a favour by backing up the bus and taking another go at you once they drove over you in the first place.  We all have choices and just because I lived after life or someone threw me off a cliff does not mean it was meant to be or that they are excused.  It just means that I choose to move forward.

never regret

The fact I can let it go does not excuse any of it or suggest what happened is OK.  It again, is just a testament to the choices I make, the person I am, and how I choose to live my life.

Rights have to be wronged.  Lessons have to be learned.  Responsibility has to be taken.  Those people who trade on the goodness or the strength of other people to continue their lives trampling all over everyone else will repeat their situations over and over until they learn their lesson.  People who are growing and evolving LOOK at what they have done and who they are, and do their best to take responsibility, right the wrong, and learn the lesson.  They change their lives and their actions prove they are not the same person.

There are plenty of times when the past cannot be fixed but you can determine that you will never forget, and that who you are going forward will be someone who champions the very cause you are now aware of.

new piece of your soul

I have been broken many times over.  I have had to let go of people and situations even when I was afraid that the loss would destroy me.

It didn’t.

I don’t know what has or will happen to those who have used and abused me.  I only know who I am and how my life is . . .  and that I have peace.  I can look at myself every morning in the mirror and know that the very things my enemies have used to try and destroy me have only made me stronger.  And, each time that happens I am reminded how incredibly strong I really am, and how who I am, and what I am, has NOTHING to do with what other people think or do.

I have been blessed with an incredible ability to forgive.  Life has taught me how to let go, to look forward, and to never ever look back with any regret.

The truth is the truth.  I own my part.

I can let other people work out theirs without ever surrendering any part of mine to them, or anyone else.

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