No Matter What.


It doesn’t matter what story we tell ourselves, if we react with hatred, then we are not processing the feelings within ourselves.  This is one of the basic secrets of life.  You will never escape negativity and darkness, but if you learn to be comfortable enough with them to examine them and understand what they mean, you can use them as powerful tools.

You can outrun or meditate away or even ignore your feelings.  That was never what was intended.  They are there for a reason.  You need to find out what that is and use them to reach out to the world around you with love and healing.  When you can face both friend or foe and still hold on to your own heart, steady on your own path … that is mastery.

Be who you are regardless of the circumstances around you and realize that every event in your life is a call for you to come home to your own heart and soul … and to find peace.

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