Spirituality Is Love.

The word “love” has come to mean many things, most of them just small bits of what the world truly encompasses.  Love is a verb and implies active energy that is healing and passionate.  Compassion is a great part of love . . . the ability to see others and to care about their situations.
Likewise “spirituality” has been misunderstood.  Many people still consider it completely entwined in religion when it isn’t.  Rather, spirituality can be a component of religion and while we could argue it should be, it isn’t always.  Spirituality is much deeper than dogma or ritual.  It speaks to a way of life, a connection to life, a relationship that defines actions.

I love the article below because it takes spirituality out of the religious arena and speaks of it in those terms.  This is one article I have bookmarked to read again and again because it is practical and a good reminder when I get off track.  Hope you enjoy it too.

Do We Need Spirituality?

4 Qualities of Mind that Alleviate Suffering

Cultivating the four sublime emotions eases suffering in yourself and in others.

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