TFFT If You Don’t Stand For Something, You Stand For Nothing.

not enough to be good

We have a responsibility to ourselves, our families and our communities to see what is happening around us and to do something about it.  None of us can afford to wait until we are personally impacted by the many tragedies going on in the world today.  If we are not going to act as a world wide community then we are doomed ourselves to stand alone in our own tragedy when it arrives at our door . . . and we have no-one else to blame but ourselves. 

buried in the sand

Surely the internet has opened our eyes to how connected we all are, how what happens on the other side of the world does relate to and impact us.  We can’t simply tell people to “smile and be happy” or turn off the evening news because we find it upsetting.  Saying you don’t know about things is a choice to not care about what is happening to others and believe me, there are people banking on your apathy to allow them to commit even more atrocities.  Wanting to be left alone because all is well in your corner of the room is inexcusable.

accepting evil

Never before have we had so much information about what is happening.  We cannot excuse ourselves with “I had no idea.”  If we “have no idea,”  it is because that was our choice and that says more about our character than you can imagine.  Those who will not speak out are as much a part of the problem as those who are perpetuating hate, death and war.  If you fail to stand for humanity, you fail as a human.  There is nothing noble about walking away from this fight for the future of our planet.

Yes there is a ton of information.  Stop crying that you don’t know who to believe or what to believe.  Think about what you are saying.  For years we have surrendered that right to other people.  If our church tells us, if our leaders tell us, if the doctors say …. THINK about it.  For years you have been willing to allow others to decide what is right and you have just blindly accepted it.  We are past that.  YOU have to make that decision. YOU have to take responsibility for truth in your life and the decision of how you will act upon that truth.  If you don’t, then you are again CHOOSING to spread the lies.

Wake up, look around you, read, engage, act.

It is not enough to just worry about your own families, you have to think beyond that scope.  Neither is it okay to ignore your own families.  If you have no compassion for them, who should?  Mend yourself, mend one another, and stand.

Love has the power to overcome everything but it needs committed soldiers who are not afraid to do what is right.

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