People are real.

They have feelings and everything that is said and done to a human being in a day impact upon them for either the positive or the negative.

People carry those impacts with them and they begin to form the person they are.

People are not cattle to climb over on your way to the top, to use and abuse to make sure you stand in the spotlight.  They are not disposable.  Friending them when you don’t care about what happens to them or that they are happy is disgusting.  Playing at love and intimacy when it is just a game to you is even worse.

Everyone wants to be loved and to feel that they belong.  Everyone likes to feel valued and recognized and people have a right to be supported to find that for themselves.  We do not MAKE other people. We might be lucky enough to share a part of their journey.  We might be lucky enough to even play the role of a teacher or a mentor for a small part of that journey but the wisest teacher recognizes that he, above all else, is a student and that he learns far more from the people he teaches than he ever imparts to them.

Life is a constant journey down the road where there are always people ahead of you, beside you, and behind you.  Always.  And there are times when we pass by someone for a spell only to have them eventually pass us by until they are not even a speck on our furthest horizon.  Life is ever changing and position matters not.  There is no “winning,” there is only the journey, the moment, and those who are by your side right now and what you choose to do.

There is no room left in this world for pseudo human beings.

There is only room for real people, with courage, passion and compassion to move forward, together.  I say courage because dropping all the facades that we have clung to as evidence that we matter can be challenging and painful.  I say passion because people are waking up to their own “callings” and grabbing hold of them and accomplishing the most amazing things.  I say compassion because as we realize how imperfect we are, we see others around us and realize, we have never been alone, and that our outstretched hand can make all the difference in the world.

There is no room left in this world for pettiness or unkindness.  People who have made their lives about using others will find they stand alone in an empty room.  You cannot hide your ugly intentions from a world that is waking up, from people who are healing.

Things are changing, people are moving forward with hope and a sense of purpose.  There is a new world unveiling before our eyes, one that promises us things that feed the soul.  And because we are finally understanding that we are indeed a profoundly spiritual being, we will find ways to overcome the darkness and the tyranny that is threatening to choke us.  We are so much more than we ever thought . . . so much stronger.

You can’t hold on to what never had any substance.  Life is energy.  It was never meant to be stored, stockpiled, rationed to a few.  It is a flow from the universe, to us, through us, to every person here. We all are part of it, together, without separation.


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