Compassion Network Daily


You can make a difference to the one that you are helping.  Just the person that is in your view, just the situation that you know about, just the time that you have.  What you can do with what you have right now.  It makes a difference.


As Stephen Covey once said,  “Thank goodness that Heavenly Father, in his wisdom, never commanded us to like one another, only to love.”  We don’t have to like everyone, it is often foolish for us to like some people or to have them in our lives.  It is impossible to like everyone.  We don’t even have to understand them.  What we do have to do is to be kind, to treat them with compassion, and to do to others as we want someone to do for us.


I would say it is not just our responsibility, it is our privilege.  We are invited to be part of the human race, to value the whole as well as the part.  If we miss out on that, if we buy into the idea that it doesn’t impact us that others suffer, then we are poorer human beings than we can ever imagine.

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