Parental Alienation or Parental Alienation Syndrome??

Do you know the difference between Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)? One is the cause of and the other is the result of.


Outstanding article and website:

We have to stop this from happening.  The long term damage of children growing up alienated from one of their parents and that whole parents family, who love the child is a much deeper problem than you might think.  Consider the cost of raising children to adulthood, coached and coerced into hating someone who is supposed to love and nurture them?  Then consider the impact of that child one day realizing that the parent who taught them to hate, lied and used them to promote their own hate.

Are we really incapable of considering the implications of people trying to have meaningful lives after suffering that kind of betrayal and damage?

Families are not where we wage war.  If you, or someone you know is actively seeking to keep a child from a meaningful healthy relationship with their other parent, STOP!  What you are doing is child abuse.  DO NOT get involved in the lives of other families, to the point that you are enabling child abuse.  If there really is a legitimate reason to keep a parent away from the child, there are professionals who can help the protecting parent determine this.  You, the good friend, you the mom or the big brother are not qualified to do that.

Families that separate need to heal.  They need to do what is best for the kids no matter how uncomfortable it makes the adults.  Neither side needs a cheerleading squad encouraging them to be assholes.

2 thoughts on “Parental Alienation or Parental Alienation Syndrome??

    • I think the more people are aware of this the better chance we have. I just worked with two families, where the parents of the child in question both have mild disabilities. EVERYONE in both families are committed to doing the right thing for the child and supporting the parents to do that is a priority. The child also has disabilities and rather than confuse her everyone is saying she is just so darn special she gets two mommies and a million grandparents. She is happy. Isn’t that what matters? And she will take her cues from the adults, if they all act like it is wonderful, it will be. If those families can do this, we all can. Thanks for reading me, for sharing it and commenting. Much appreciated.


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