TFFT I Believe in You

I believe 1

I see the truth in you.  I see the beauty and all the possibilities.  Hidden behind the physical, the barriers or how you define yourself or what you do, I see you.  I see the light.

As children we only know ourselves as endlessly possible and we embrace life and people and situations with a complete willingness to learn about ourselves, others and the world.  As we grow up we often find ourselves caught in the dilemma of fighting for a vision of ourselves that has dimmed with each passing year and possibly standing alone, never to be understood, or joining everyone else and blending into the woodwork.  One is a lonely unknown and the other is a group activity with thousands before us and thousands behind.  We might be happy, right?

The first thing the world takes from a child is their self esteem.  Without that light it is harder and harder to do anything other than sit down, put your hands on your desk and wait to be called on.

Your soul waits, hoping that something in your life will reignite the passion and that you will come looking for that which was lost.  There are no special formulas.  There are no gurus, no secrets to buy … there is only what there has always been.  Light.  Truth.  Love.  You are all three.  You came from all three and you carry all three within you.

The answers lie within.

Not in the world.

shamanic societies

None of these things are for sale.  You have only to allow yourself quiet alone time, to re-discover, that which you already know.  Perhaps even more important that the universal truths are the truths that are yours – who YOU are, how YOU work, what You are here to do.  In those answers are peace and happiness.  In those answers are life itself.

these questions

Everyone’s life is full of “shoulds” based on ideas and beliefs they have been fed from birth.  Are they really yours?  Do they serve you in any way?  Are they true?  Are they necessary?  These are not questions we should be afraid to ask.  If we have the truth, it can stand up to all examinations and questions.  It is only the lie that must fear the light.  Sometimes the greatest impediments to our happiness are the things we have filled our lives with convincing ourselves that they measure or quantify us in some way.  Those things are empty and meaningless unless they are tools we use in some significant way.  We frequently can do the same things with much less.  And the people we collect into our lives are sometimes the greatest deterrents to our own success.  Never are me more free than when we travel with only exactly what we NEED.  It frees us to be in the moment and to experience life on a far more intimate level.

true spiritual selves

We are already enough.  We are already perfect.  We lost that understanding when we started taking on the shame of our parents who carried their parent’s shame and on and on for generations.  We labelled parts of ourselves as “bad” or “dirty” or “sinful” and fear stopped us from learning about ourselves or life.  We took on all the things the world told us was important, trying to fill the huge holes that were meant to be filled with US.  OUR understanding, OUR experiences, OUR contribution.

Let go of it all.

Embrace yourself.  Learn about who you are and how you work and what you need.


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