TFFT: To Be Here.


There is a change sweeping across the world.  Letting go of those things that used to consume us seems so simple and easy for many.  We are taking down the walls we erected around our lives to keep us “better than” to “hide” our fears and we are looking for ways to connect.

And yes, it can be very lonely.

Jan Lemen

Knowing what we want to do, what we need to do, is not enough.  Change is a process and letting go, shedding of the ways we used to be can be painful and we all struggle from time to time.  Sometimes we have to stop and remind ourselves we are ok.  The goal is not perfection, we are not what other people try to make of us.  They are simply projecting their own fears and shadows and we need to make sure we are not holding on to them or giving them power in our lives.

i see you

And most important, I need other people to know that I see them and that they inspire me to keep trying.  It is easy to get lost in our own journey, our own struggles, but every day I see people around me who I love in ways I have never told them, may not ever be able to tell them.

I want you to know that I struggle too and that we should be supporting one another, not to encourage that we give up, or to create a pity party, but to allow a place where burdens can be laid down, and spirits rejuvenated with time, kind words, and understanding.  Tears are healing, emotions need release, and even talking out the anger can be a letting go so we can move forward.  You are safe with me.  Do not assume I expect you to be perfect.  If I have missed that you need help, a hand on my arm, calling my name … I will be here.

I want to be here.

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