TSV The Impact of Parental Alienation on Children



The Impact of Parental Alienation Syndrome. . . “There is now scholarly consensus that severe alienation is abusive to children (Fidler and Bala, 2010), and it is a largely overlooked form of child abuse (Bernet et al, 2010) . . . ”

Every child has a fundamental need for love and protection.

KIDS! You can’t know anyone by what other people say, especially people who don’t even know them, have never had a relationship with them, and who tell you things about them that are basically all awful nasty things. If you want to know your parents  . . .  have a relationship with them and get to know them. You get to make up your own mind in your life as you grow up, what have you got to lose? BUT if you are going to listen to what these other people think, you may wake up one day and finally realize they lied to you and it will be too late to make up what is lost. NO adult is all good or all bad.

Adults are not supposed to involve you kids in adult matters and issues. They are supposed to love you and teach you to be loving and kind to others. If you are being taught to hate, if you are being told and shown upsetting things about other adults, THIS IS ABUSE!!! The scars from this abuse will not heal like physical ones can, they are going to impact you for the rest of your life. Tell someone. Get help.

You are loved. A parent who refuses to give up on you does not hate you. They are not bullying you.  Dead beat parents do not phone and write all the time. They do not post pics of you everywhere and talk about you to everyone. They move away, they hide, they barely speak your name. If your mom or dad is always calling, it is most likely because they love and miss you.

Being upset with someone does not mean you should hate everyone connected with that person.  Problems with people are going to happen all your life.  A good parent teaches you, and sets an example of, how to work through relationship problems.  If you are upset with your mom and dad that does not mean that your aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents are automatically part of that.  You don’t choose “teams” of people to love and hate.




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