TFFT – Limitless You

Alan Watts

  I have had the honour and privilege throughout my life of many experiences and opportunities that have allowed me to be taught, to study, to learn and to sometimes practice many different forms of religion and spirituality. May I say, with complete humbleness that I was, and continue to be, a student in this regard.

I will always be a student in search of understanding.

I have most often sought out people who fully embrace and love their spiritual pursuits because they teach with honour and that is my intent, to understand and respect that love even though it may not be something I personally choose.

There are many similarities in themes and the differences are often more focused on the practice. I am always concerned that people take an all or nothing approach to their beliefs. I see those who have left organized religion, who now embrace the new age philosophy with as much zeal and blind faith as the organized “church” they left behind. They are just as willing to accept everything written and done in the name of “enlightenment” as the “truth” as they once were about religious teachings. They fail to identify the liars and the criminals amongst their new ranks with the same alarming regularity that they failed to identify them in their religion.

People sometimes want to run before they have ever learned to walk.  We trifle with powers and practices that are deep in their meaning and ability to open doorways to things we are not prepared to cope with or even understand. It is almost like they are a party games or the latest ride at a big theme park full of adrenaline rush attractions.

People use all kinds of quick fixes and trust people that perhaps they shouldn’t.  They spend small fortunes as if one might buy their way into enlightenment.

There is no substitute for personal responsibility.

There is no way around you having to do the hard work to prepare yourself and to be ready for delving into your spiritual nature. You would not run a marathon without spending time in the gymn and doing many practice runs. You could not run that marathon leaning on the runner who won last year. You have to do the work and the work in this case, is you. It is time alone, time understanding who you are and what you need and what you are supposed to be doing. It is removing toxicity from your life and making sure that first and foremost you take care of you.

The pyramid of needs is well known, food and shelter, emotional well being and THEN comes the spiritual aspects. You have to prepare your vessel (you) to be filled.  And the journey can be difficult and lonely.  It requires things a strength we may never have known we had.  It forces us to face the truths we may have spent a lifetime running from.  It takes work and the process IS the point.

The destination is not real because there is no end to the journey.

Once you drink of real spirit, you will understand how many pseudo cries for our attention are out there and that some of them can be deeply dangerous to us. Once you drink of that spirit, you will understand the connection you are meant to have directly to that sources and everything else will fade in comparison.

Going through someone else for that experience is like comparing watching a video of someone skiing down a mountain, to actually skiing down a mountain for yourself.


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