Reaching Our Reaching.


I have a pretty clear idea of human beings. I see their dark and their light and am not consumed with the need to label ‘good,’ or ‘bad.”  I see simply nature and a journey.

Kids make mistakes, they can steal and lie, it does not make them career criminals. I know circumstances can push people beyond the protective action barrier they would normally respect in their everyday lives.

Today is full of bad news, and conspiracies and agendas that seem hell-bent on destroying us all. It depresses us. It can defeat us.

I don’t see the world that way.

I believe that we as human beings have the ability to overcome anything. It will require a journey of self where we learn to understand who we are, that we embrace our gifts and use them, that we love one another and support each other to make that same journey. It means letting go of our ideas about how that is accomplished and accepting that what works for me, may not have a snowball’s chance in hell as a method for you.

So, with what is left of my life, I want everything I do to help empower others. I want others to believe in their potential. I am not interested in measuring their abilities against mine and then feeling superior or less than, I simply want each individual I have the opportunity to touch to believe that they are not the sum total of just their mistakes, and that failure or success in this material, consumer-oriented, competitive world is NOT an indication of value of anything meaningful. I want people to know that they will succeed by helping others to succeed and by success I mean they will find peace, happiness, joy, purpose …

Most of all I want our children to hear that message. I want them to see beyond the tinsel and seek substance in their life and not be limited in their visions by the mistakes we have made.

I refuse to see enemies in a colour, or a culture, or a religion, but I also refuse to be interrupted with petty hostility and the insecurities of others that cause them to engage in destructive behaviour in my life.  Neither am I going to drag people out of harm’s way, who are content to sit in the middle of a busy highway unaware of the danger. I am looking for those people who are ready, who, with a little encouragement, a word, a hand …want to make this journey.

I am always moving.

There is a growing spirit out there that is pulling people together. That spirit is free. It is the air we breathe. It is a choice we make. Forget the classes, the drugs, the gurus … Just breathe. If there is a higher power then surely he can get to us through calcium on a pineal gland? Can you not see that is just another way of saying you are not worthy until you have said your prayers and attended church every Sunday. WE ARE WORTHY.  IF you accept there is a greater power that created the universe or a power that connect us all, then that power CAN DO ANYTHING.

Believe. In. Yourself.


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