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eric     Eric Whitacre is one of the good guys.  He may not seem like the obvious choice for singling out in regards to compassion but that is exactly why I have chosen him.

Most people see compassion as something outside of the themselves, something extra, something heroic that they do to help others.  Some people argue that they have nothing to give or nothing more to give.  They will say they have nothing to offer.  Compassion is about making who you are and whatever you do . . . a gift.  It is almost the process of valuing that in yourself and your willingness to share it with another that transcends all the barriers and transforms it into this magical energy that touches the lives of all it comes into contact with.

Eric Whitacre conducts and composes music.  He is gorgeous, and having had the opportunity to meet him and work with him, I can tell you what you see is what you get.  He is just simply a good person who cares about people, loves life, loves music and pulls it all in together to unite the world and touch hearts and well . . . music is a universal language that can break down almost any door.  He takes what he does and elevates it from a daily job, or even a career . . . to a gift.  He could rest on the laurels of his talent in the normal offerings but he hasn’t.  He came up with the idea of a virtual choir.  He took the voices of ordinary people around the world, mixed them all together and created a choir that was presented in a video.  Thousands of voices united in making beautiful music.

It is the idea that it did not matter where people lived, who they were, what they looked at, their level of talent . . . the only thing you needed was a voice and you could participate and out of all of that he created moving, stunning masterpieces of music that leave you with every hair on your body tingling and a sense of togetherness with the world.  It speaks to hearts of possibilities of healing and overcoming, even if only for a few moments.  That inspiration could lead to hundreds of solutions in the minds of people in position to put their work and their daily efforts onto a giving scale.

Compassion can be direct and indirect.  It can be about directly helping someone and about supporting those who directly help.

I believe his offering for the Glasgow Games with the youth choir is his 4th virtual choir, this time involving the youth.


I have followed the man on Facebook ever since I met him.  He always has time to talk to people, to share his life, his talent, his message . . . which is simply his joy and his love.  It makes a difference.  You can too.



One thought on “Compassion Network Daily

  1. You are right about him being gorgeous 😀 I dated someone once who was so handsome it hurt, and he hadn’t a clue – or if he did he never let on. He was as regular and pleasant as anyone could ever be. I think it is a real reality check to find someone so open, honest and talented – a very pleasant surprise.
    Anyone who gives of themselves to this extent has a heart that touches many people. Lucky you to know him.

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