TFFT: Compassion is Powerful, Find Out Why.

compassion hurts

It is hard to be tender hearted.  Despite the best efforts of my grandparents who raised me, my teachers, all the cruelty of the world and the mean heartedness of some people, I have survived.  I stopped fighting it as a young woman when I finally realized that despite the pain, it was also my greatest gift, affording me sight and understanding that not everyone else had.

But compassion is not just a gift, it is a necessity for our lives, and especially for the future of our children.

The ability to feel compassion means you have a connection to the world around you.  It is what causes us to stop from bullying someone when we have been bullied.  We can remember how painful it was for us so we can understand the hurt our actions will cause someone else.  It is what allows us to respond with a hug and kind words when we see that someone is depressed.  It is what can even spur us into action to do away with injustices.


But there is an even greater power in compassion.  Not only do we know understand that the emotions we hold in our bodies have a direct impact on our DNA and the life affirming or life denying chemistry that is released in our bodies, we know that compassion has the most  powerful impact of all the positive emotions.  (See Emotions Can Change Your DNA.)

Dr. David Hawkins in his book Power vs. Force created a Map of Consciousness of the effect of emotions on the energy level, which can be measured through applied Kinesiology.  He shows how the presence of just one person who resonates at the higher levels of compassion and empathy are capable of positively impacting the energy of the masses.  You can test out and try many of the things he talks about in your own life.  It is a fascinating book, well worth a read.

We all have had experience with how the energy of a positive or caring person can alter a room for the better and how someone who is depressed and negative can seem to suck the life right out of people.  I have experimented myself by noting the change in my office staff with a change in the emotion I hold in myself.  I have learned the power of learning to catch the negative emotions as they happen and channeling myself through simple exercises and practices to a more positive place.

Inner Peace

It has brought me such joy to realize I can enjoy what is natural for me instead of being an emotional football that is at the mercy of how others treat me.  It has given me a sense of purpose and a firm resolve to honour what my heart asks of me.  As I work to improve my ability to overcome my many failings and shortcomings I am moved that in doing so I can make a difference in the world around me and in the lives of those people I love.

Looking at the world and others with compassion has helped me feel more connected, more forgiving, more willing to do what may seem difficult and beyond my reach.  I know that all that is needed for all of us to find peace and joy is simply for us to love one another, support one another as each of us find our own ways and determine what our journeys are about and how we will journey them.  Defeat is what happens when you focus on the impossible.  Success is what happens when you find one thing that you can do right now and do it.

2 thoughts on “TFFT: Compassion is Powerful, Find Out Why.

  1. I want to get there too. But for today, you gave me such peace reading this and something inside me that felt a little like accepting the tender heartedness… and the sensitivity not as a terminal flaw, but as a great gift.

    I often pray to be less sensitive. I’m told I am “too sensitive” as though I could do something about it or unlearn my sensitivities. Lately I have been defending my sensitive fiercely as a creative. “I’m a writer and creative person… I’m sensitive because I am supposed to be. And there should be more sensitive people in this world, not less”.

    I still try to hide it though. I still walk around trying to hide it under my shirt like a secret superhero costume under a power suit. It still feels like a painted target on my chest.

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    • I so understand that feeling and the constant explaining why you are that way to others who may even be genuinely concerned in their counsel to toughen up but then I realized THOSE people are uncomfortable with emotion and so they are asking me to make them more comfortable by changing who I am. I am just asking to be allowed to be me so that I can be comfortable too. They can turn their head, walk away, whatever they have to do . . . just like I do when I see callous indifference. But I am going to enjoy every moment of my life that I have left, feeling and being who I am. I thank God that I can feel anything. It is not just about being moved by suffering, it is about being able to feel profound joy for simple things. I cried this morning because the orchid my husband gave me died. It can’t be replaced. I can get another orchid but THAT orchid meant something to me. I don’t care if no-one else gets that, or why my tree can move me to tears just by standing in my yard and being there when I need someone to talk to. I don’t care that there are people who don’t get me. I know who I am and I like me, flaws and all.


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