TFFT: I Am, Unapologeticaly, Still A Child.


How sad that as we age we are expected to take life seriously.  I have never understood why people assume because you are laughing and having a good time, or even dancing on your desk , that you are not being responsible.

I tried the “sit down and act like a grown up” and it was uncomfortable, restrictive , and boring.

I am not a one dimensional robot.

I love life.  I embrace education on ever level.  I am probably obsessed with learning.  I want to know what everyone else knows.  I want to see things like they see them.  I want to be sure that my opinions and ideas are well thought out and worthy of consideration.  I see the world around me.

I cry for the tragedies that have destroyed lives.

I worry about the future of this world.

I take responsibility for trying to find solutions.

I want to be on the team of those who are going to go out there,  do the work and make a difference.

I appreciate hard work and I know how to roll up my sleeves and get dirty and sweat.  I am not afraid of it, in fact, I love the process.

I see the beauty.

I love the creative process, even when I cannot participate or lack the skills.

But I also feel great joy, and I love to laugh.

I love to see children experiencing the world without reserve.  I don’t see walls between them and myself because it is the same way I feel about the projects and the days in front of me … Even the hard ones.  Everything is so full of possibilities.

And NOTHING is as healing as being able to laugh with people you love.





I don’t care that people frown at me when I get carried away or that people unfollow me because they thought my blog was all about “serious matters.”  I don’t care that someone does not get my sense of humour because I DO!!  I so get it.  And I crack me up.  And I laugh.  Sometimes when I am writing or doing a picture, I actually laugh so loud that people around me stop what they are doing to see what is so funny.

My husband makes me laugh.  My children all have a great sense of humour.  And I will laugh at everything I can until I no longer have a breath left in me.  I will snort and even pee my pants a little because I am laughing so hard.  I will laugh at life, at others, at situations and stories, jokes and inappropriate and irreverent things that other people take wayyyy too seriously.  But most of all . . .  I will laugh at me.

The two greatest things that God ever gave us have to be our ability to love and be loved … and laughter.



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