Prairie Disneyland. Just like Disneyland Only With More Farmers.


Only on the prairies would you see photos like these supplied by my kids on a day out, back home on the prairies.

When you live on the prairies … life is hard. You make due with what you have. You do. If you lived in Essex there is a wonderful maze there with lovely green shrubs and waterfalls and statues. You would take a picnic lunch and drive through the lovely countryside and talk about the royal courts that used to frolic in these mazes while a stringed quartet gently played and men in satin and lace fed grapes and dainty pastries to women in incredible corseted gowns with heaving breasts. Continue reading

Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse Should Not Be This Hard.

there's a difference

Our headlines are full of politicians and priests and ministers and teachers and doctors  who have abused children.  We turn our anger towards the individuals and the organizations – meaning the disembodied structure.

This is a plea.

Politicians and priests and minister and teachers and doctors … and parents, and anyone else … even the organizations … cannot do what they do without the support of the people around them.  There are people around the paedophiles, who at worst support and aid what they do, and at best, know and do nothing.  There are people who did not know but when they find out, do nothing.  There are people who make the victim the criminal.  People who do nothing to reach out and support the victim.  People who close their eyes and say it does not involve them. Continue reading