TFFT: The Calm in The Eye of The Storm.


This speaks to me today.  There is so much going on in the world and people are either preparing for war, or cowering in their homes, afraid of every shadow that moves.  There is talk of storing enough food, enough guns .. of being prepared to die, of having no choice but to accept you will die.

Within individual lives are storms of pain regarding relationships, addictions, financial worries, health . .. people struggle and feel isolated with the problems that greet them each morning with relentless regularity.

We feel powerless, even in our efforts to address these issues, we feel . . . completely . . . powerless.  We ask how we can make any difference at all against the horrible things that have become part of our everyday lives.

You can’t stop any war anywhere, except within yourself.

You can find that peace within you.  You can hold on only to this single moment and know that you are OK . . . know that you are at peace . . . that you are calm.

Breathe in.  Breathe out.

The peace that you hold in your body is a feeling that speaks to your brain and tells it to choose life.  Your brain signals all your body’s systems to release life affirming chemistry.  It tells your heart to beat, your lungs to expand and contract, your cells to function normally.  Your energy is light and love, and health and strength, and that energy fills the space you stand in.  It speaks to the energies in the room around you and attracts other energies that are also life affirming.  That combined energy fills one another, fills buildings, spills into streets, gathering momentum and seeking out more positive energy.  Eventually that energy can fill a country, the world … until there is no room for the energy of hate and war, and ugliness and death.

When light and darkness occupy the same space, light always consumes darkness.  Darkness can never consume a light, not even the smallest of flames burning low.

It all begins with you, finding peace, lighting your flame, fanning it with your breath in this single moment.

Be the calm in the middle of your storm.

Be the peace for the earth.

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