“We need to let go of this idea of not being ‘sick enough’. And we also need to stop blaming it on the disorder. You are sick. You are also enough. The relationship ends there. At the heart of it, this is about your sense of self worth. The belief that you don’t deserve the same love, care, help and nourishment as others. This will belief will not change in response to your physical state; it’s an internal – not an external – condition. And I think sometimes we believe that if our outsides match our insides someone will see the pain we’re in. But physical pain will never compare with how you hurt emotionally, and you don’t need to use your body to validate your suffering. You are worthy of love and care if you are healthy; you are worthy of love and care if you are sick. There is no scale of sickness; being sick doesn’t change your value and worth as a human being, even in those dark times when you struggle to believe it.”  Liquid Diamonds Flowing


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