March of the Damned

There are people in life who wait for life to come to them …

There are people that listen to what other people’s opinions are and align themselves to those. There are people who will not make a move until they look around and see what everyone else is doing so they can do exactly the same thing.

They write, sing, paint … just like they are taught. They pull around them their training as proof of their talent and imagine that if they can just do it perfect enough, they will be a writer, singer, artist …. 

We have all lived the argument of suffering consequences because we went along with what everyone else was doing without thinking.  Our parents ask us if we would have jumped off a cliff too, just because everyone else was.  Sadly, many of us would.  We would because we have no idea of who we are, what we want, or what we are capable of.  We are more afraid of not being liked.  We don’t want to be different only because we do not believe that we can succeed at being different.  We have no faith in ourselves.

Wake up people. Wake up!  This is your life. This is YOU! There are no papers to cheat off of – there is only you, on a deserted island with what you have been given. The object of the game is to figure out how you will do it. Your mind works just the same as other people’s, only better because your mind was intended for YOU. Your thoughts, your ideas, your creative genius.

I don’t want to listen to people who regurgitate what someone else did or thought, I want to hear what YOU think. Apply your own common sense to an issue or a subject or a project. Can’t you see this is how we have all been owned and managed and dumbed down? We don’t have to agree, that is the beauty of it all.  By sharing different ideas, viewpoints, thoughts … we all benefit. The purpose is to figure this out, to work together. Opening up and sharing is power. Different viewpoints enlarge all of us.  It does not dilute you in any way.

Religions told people they had to go through a minister/preacher/priest to talk to God. Education tells people they must have a teacher that is separate from themselves and that they should surrender their own ideas to the established way for the “whole.” Business tells us we must work within the limits of what the norm is or with what the Boss thinks works. The arts tell us that we must be schooled in technique. We need doctors to tell us about our own bodies and Psychiatrists to tell us what our minds are doing.  We must turn to the police to keep law and order. We must have politicians to be our voice in government. We must have laws to protect us. We must kill to keep ourselves safe. We must work, we must consume, we must look certain ways. All the voices that shout, talk and whisper … from beyond ourselves, getting louder and more insistent.  And our hearts beat faster and our breathing becomes more shallow.  Our shoulders slump a little more and our stride is shortened, our pace slows ….

If we stand to protest that we are not feeling well, we are “off balanced,” “unhappy,”  “a trouble maker!”   They call in the therapist and drugs to ease the pain.

Common sense. Your own voice of reason. YOUR gut feeling. YOUR heart connected to the world, YOUR pulse that beats out the measures of life … are all so much more valid than the rhetoric spewed at us like we are mindless cattle without the ability to consider that what we are being told/sold.

It makes NO sense.

We walk around as if in a dream, nodding, embracing all that is put in front of us. It takes courage to say “NO” to a sea of people shouting “yes.” But if you are not willing to fight for yourself, to say “No” for your own life, then why would anyone do it for you? Most people are far more comfortable when the bus is full taking them to their final destination than to wave the bus on and begin the lonely walk in the opposite direction. And we are unhappy and unfulfilled as one can only expect from people trying to live one another’s lives just because from here it looks like you might be a little happier, a little more successful.  We may be able to pull off the appearance of being like everyone else, we may be able to lie to the whole world, but none of us are consistently successful with lying to ourselves.

It is hard to avoid ourselves when we are lying alone in the middle of the night aching with an emptiness that consumes us.

You, in your imperfect, DIFFERENT from my own ways, are more beautiful and relevant than a hundred clones of the glossy images of success and political correctness. Your life has a thousand more meaningful lessons that anything you learned at school.  Your connection to your Higher Power has more relevance than any word or symbol or ritual that a church can perform.

It begins in you and flows into life and this IS your life, your contribution. There are no dress rehearsals, there are no second chances.  You are either embracing each moment and celebrating the experience or you are contained. And the world is richer or poorer depending on your choice.  And in the end, the greatest distance you will ever have to consider comes when the bus eventually pulls up to your final destination and leaves you there.  No-one even really notices that you got off, truth be told, there are dozens of more bus clones to pick up just around the corner.  No-one really cares about the individuals on the bus, just the collective number.  And while you watch the bus drive off without you, you will come face to face the reality of your life.  The greatest distance you will ever have to consider will be the difference between who you actually are and who you might have been.  The final blow will be in realizing that you never needed the bus or all those people.  You only ever had to wake up to the knowledge that you were worth it and that you already had everything you needed . . . within you, perfectly packed, and just waiting for you to discover it.

2 thoughts on “March of the Damned

  1. It takes courage to believe in yourself and take the left turn when everyone else is going right. I have a friend who is older and she has several deep regrets in her life that all stem from being afraid to grab her opportunities and run with them. I have learned from her mistakes and I do NOT intend to reach her age and look back on a life less lived than what I wanted.


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