“Wisdom rescues compassion from deteriorating into feelings of pity and powerlessness. Compassion rescues wisdom from deteriorating into idealistic intentions that remains distant from the realities of suffering in each moment. The seeds of compassion and wisdom lie in each moment that we are willing to turn our attention toward suffering, pain, and conflict rather than following the pathways of denial or avoidance. The willingness to be present in the presence of suffering is the first step to softening the bands of aversion and fear that separate us from ourselves and others. In this shift of attention, we learn the primary lessons of listening and simplicity; we learn to ease the clamoring inner voices that demand formulas, solutions and prescriptions. learning to be wholeheartedly present, receptive in the midst of conflicts and divisions, we have the possibility of understanding not only the path to the end of suffering but also the causes of suffering.” Christina Feldman

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