The Village Speaks. Parental Alienation Syndrome

You can bully a child but you cannot bully me nor the millions of other thinking caring adults who recognize the damage you are doing to that child as abuse. Tell whatever stories to yourself that you have to in order to go to sleep at night but I will never be silenced. Keep telling your lies to the people who will listen and nod but even they are talking to everyone behind your back and condemning what you are doing. When we make choices to live our lives in reprehensible ways you have to be prepared to live with your own reflection when someone holds up the mirror. Your anger at everyone else is sadly misplaced because they are not the problem for speaking out against it, YOU are the problem for having committed these acts. I hope that people might find the grace to extend to you when your actions are condemned, that you have never afforded anyone else.

I repeat. I will not be bullied. I will not be silent.

Speak Up





6 thoughts on “The Village Speaks. Parental Alienation Syndrome

  1. Well done Aria for speaking out. Too many of us stay silent, which solves nothing in the long run. It is too late for me also 25 years on but I speak out in the hope that it may help others. Are you in the UK? There is a petition that needs to be signed by as many as possible for the UK Government to do something about PA, you can find it on my website. I am going to finish writing my book so my brainwashed adult children can read my side of the story. Here’s to change!


    • Thanks for your encouragement Linda, I think anything any of us can do is important. One of the harder things is accepting that speaking out is probably not going to help your own situation but there is hope it will help the overall situation. It is even harder to sit back and watch people you love suffer.

      I am in Australia.

      Good for you with the book, make sure you stop back and let us know the details of when it is available etc.


  2. Thank you for posting this. My fiancé and i are starting a Facebook page to do live broadcasts about every part of this topic. We are both going through it. I am reaching out to as many groups as possible for helping us get started and because we want to be able to direct any other parents going through what I’ve coined “The Broken Home Syndrome” and it covers all of the symptoms of broken homes, involving children, and an HAP parent. I would love to share some of memes and pictures you’ve included in this. I pray you’re able to respond and offer any information we don’t have yet. We are stronger together. For parents dealing with this please reach out to me… we will do live broadcasts so we can interact with viewers commenting and offer them support, knowledge. Resources etc. We are both going through extreme parental alienation and our girls are going through PAS. It’s time to speak up and .#STOPTHESILENCE PLEASE comment below if you would like to reach out because we want to help every parent feeling this pain. Thank you so much for helping spread awareness ms Ariae.


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