Who Are Our Children? Who Are We?

all paths that lead to the light

The most successful people in life are not those who have important positions, a thousand social media “likes” or more money than God. They are the people who changed the lives of the people they met. They are the people whose names are etched in other’s hearts for the seemingly small acts of kindness and service offered. Our capacity for love opens us to compassion and our compassion spurs us the action. That action builds the web that holds us all in together.

When we die, no-one cares what a great house you lived in, how much your car cost or how much money you had in your bank account, besides the taxation office. Collecting their due does not require them to admire you When you die, most of your treasures are thrown out, donated to good will, or packed up in a box and put in the attic or the garage. A few things might have a place somewhere on the shelf of a child’s house, a nice little memory of YOU, not your bank account. Allow one generation to pass and even the odd surviving treasure will also end up at the dump or goodwill. Your money will have been spent on equally meaningless things. We spend a lifetime collecting things, so much more than we need, so we can attain a certain status. In the end it means absolutely nothing. Who had the biggest haul to the local dump is a pretty empty measurement of who we were.

The most intelligent people are not those with a university degree. Wisdom is a gift of a life lived engaged in the world around you. It has nothing to do with a privileged life that provided opportunity to attend school. Nor does it have anything to do with the ability to memorize facts, and pass tests. The most intelligent people are those who are open minded, always learning, and who apply what they learn actively, blessing the lives of those around them. Measuring our privilege and opportunities and even our left brained ability to navigate a very narrow educational system against other people is just a weapon that unintelligent people use.

The most beautiful people are not those that fit a mould of a certain weight, hair colour or bra size. Why not? Because that standard is completely subjective and without any real dimension. That standard is about being “pretty.” Real beauty is multi dimensional and is not about judgment as much as it is about an awakening. A beautiful person makes us feel beauty, makes the world seem beautiful, and therefore we assign the attribute to them. Many people are incapable to seeing or understanding beauty because they are too blinded by their limits. They look at life always competing. They actually only see themselves and where they fit in compared to what they are looking at. And yet, if we truly look at other human beings, we see that beauty exists even in the most unexpected of places and it reminds us that we too are beautiful.

People look to life and consider money, education, beauty and power to be the cornerstones of a life worth living.

How strange that we do not say,”I want to learn about politics and volunteer on a campaign, or get a job at parliament so that I can participate in meaningful discussion and action to make this country a better place.” How strange we do not hear, “I want to be a doctor and find a cure for cancer, or help people to feel better.” We don’t hear, “I love to sing and entertain people.” Instead we hear, “I want the power, I want the money, I want the fame.” People can slip on roles in life without ever actually becoming a leader, a doctor or an artist. We can fake it, we can buy our way in.

The value of our life pursuits is not that a doctor earns more than a janitor. The value is in what we do with the “vehicle” we have been given to travel our lives in. A broken down bus that carried hundreds of children back and forth to needed medical care has more real value than a shiny sports car that sat in a garage and occasionally couriered the owner and a date he was trying to impress to a lavish dinner party.

Some people get that. They don’t whine about what they don’t have. The roll up their sleeves and get to work using what they have. The live meaningful lives despite their limitations. Some people are so busy pointing out to everyone how much better they are because they are educated, are in a position of power, are pretty or have money that they never really do anything at all.

And still these are the empty lives often held up to our children, as if pursuing that road will promise them happiness.

We aspire to emptiness.

And those of us who have woken up, are awake . . . are walking away from it all. And you are hearing children who speak of healing the earth and its people. They have a connection to life that humbles you with shame. They are pledging their all. They believe they can. They serve and love wherever they are planted, no matter what their education, no matter what their financial situation. They are ready now.

THESE are the leaders of tomorrow.

Don’t plug your kids into the broken electrical grid we have created and called “life.” Plug your child into himself, into discovering who he is and what he can be. Let him be himself and let him do it his way. Amp him up to broadcast. Let. Him. Be.

Don’t medicate, don’t contain, don’t channel. Let him experience and find his own path. That’s his job. Yours is to give him the tools he will need, to love him, to create a safe environment where he can both fail and succeed and realize it is all just part of learning.

And those of us who are still fixated on an ego based world where in order to win, others must lose, are becoming colder and harder. These parents push their kids towards power and money. They infuse them with their own insecurities and encourage competition where you must win at all costs. They fill their lives with meaningless pursuits void of service or relevance. They have convinced their children that they are entitled and they navigate their world with no respect for others, no sense of personal responsibility and avoidance of consequences.

There is a profound polarization happening. The haters are becoming more closed and hard. They see the world as their enemy and they are fighting with everyone. And the people who are waking up are opening and relaxing and letting go. They are healing. They are reconnecting. It is dividing our communities. We have the kids that are completely ego driven, void of compassion, and those who are soul driven, fueled by compassion.

All our children deserve our encouragement, support, and love. We should do everything we can to reach out, not just to our own but to the children in our lives . . . our neighbours, our friends, our communities. We all have a choice in this. We will either be the ones actively engaged in the work, we will be preparing those who will be actively involved or we will be supporting those who are actively engaged. There is no room for ego, only community.

The world is changing and the decision of which side you want to be on is up to each of us individually, warrior and destroyer, darkness and hate or healer and light, innovator, creators. As the tragedies continue all over the world some respond with more hate, others respond with more compassion and love. We are all being broken open and we choose to fill those cracks with hate or love. We choose light or darkness. We already know the outcome. Darkness is an illusion that exists only when light is withdrawn. As long as there is an ounce of humanity left in any of us, there is light.

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